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Eon Awa is a singer and artist based in Zofingen, Switzerland. He released his debut album ‘MORE’ in May 2021. The album’s seven tracks are accompanied by self-produced music videos full of collaborations with other local artists.
Later that year he won the well-known Swiss music contest „BandX Nordwest”.


In 2022/23 he released two new singles and realized his biggest project yet, a visual EP called ‘Take My Crown’.

‘Take My Crown’ is a music video-/shortfilm-hybrid consisting of four songs telling the story of a young king trying to escape the conformity of his position.

Eon has had the pleasure of performing his music with one of the best Swiss orchestras, playing at several festivals and opening for successful Swiss artists Anna Rossinelli and Crimer, among others.

Inspired by legends like Mariah Carey, Tori Kelly and Candy Dulfer, Eon seeks to express his ideas and feelings through his unique take on pop music. Whether power ballad or funky beat, he’s got you covered.

Only time will tell where his music will take him.


Aside from his numerous, ambitious Projects, he’s currently studying at Zurich University of the Arts for a Bachelor's in Film.


Benny / Piano

Since childhood Benny and Eon have been standing on stage together thrilling the audience.
He is a pianist and a producer and currently also a student of computer science.

He is Eon's writing and producing partner.

He has been playing the accordion for over twelve years and plans to start studying music soon. He's also a passionate producer and composer.

Tobi / Drums

Topi plays the keys, the hammond organ and the drums. He spent two years at the Swiss Jazz School and is currently doing his bachelor at the Zurich University of the Arts as a sound engineer and pop drummer. Besides that he is a producer, and works as a sessions musician.

Chris / Bass + Vocals

Our bass player is currently in high demand as a live musician. Among others he's part of the Band of Cachita and Soukey & Z the Freshman. With his own projects Polarbaeren and Muddy Velvet he is able to let his creativity run wild. In autumn 2023, he began his studies at the Zurich University of the Arts as a jazz bass player.

Daria / Violin + Vocals

Even though Daria is our youngest member, she has been playing the Violin for over 7 years.
She discovered her passion for singing thanks to her grandmother.



Alina and Eon got to know each other in the band UNFOUND. Aside from being a passionate sax player, she is a talented organizer and just recently agreed to be the new manager of Eon Awa.


Her profession as an optometrist makes it easy for her to take initiative and assume responsibility.


During the TAKE MY CROWN project, she organized the premiere and facilitated interviews, whereupon Eon could not imagine continuing his career without her.


Since the first music video, Dylan loyally has been on Eon's side as his videographer. His enthusiasm, his creative mind and his expertise as a videographer make him an irreplaceable member of Eon's crew.


Dylan has successfully set up his own business as a videographer. In addition to music videos, he successfullyproduces after-movies for events and festivals. He has been working independently for over three years.


There is probably not a single Eon Awa project that Shania has not been involved in. Her mind is just as inventious and imaginative as Eon's and she knows exactly how to bring them to life. Whether it's painting, make-up, working with wood, airbrush, clay, fabric, latex or metals - she knows her way around it.


Not only is she Eon's creative partner, she's also one of his closest friends.


She is currently studying Art and Communication at the Academy of Art and Design (FHNW) in Basel.

B - Benny Studio aufnahmen edit 01.jpg

Ben is the longest-standing member of Eon Awa's Team. They have known each other since kindergarten and have been making music together from the ages of 11 and 12. Fun fact: they were born exactly one year and one day apart from each other. 

Almost every Eon Awa song has been a co-creation with Ben. He is part of the musical identity that makes Eon's music so special.

If you're an Eon Awa fan, you're a Ben fan.

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